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The Best Keywords Tools | Keyword Research and Trends

How Do You Find the Latest Trends and Search Engine Keywords?

Using trend reports and keyword suggestion tools to find what people are looking for, you can then focus your website content, advertising, and affiliate links to improve your conversion. These are the best free ways to find the most popular keywords (on Google, Microsoft Live/MSN (Bing), and Yahoo) and trends.

Trends and Keyword Suggestions 

There are a variety of good methods to find the latest trends of what people are searching for, buying, and doing. I will try to make it all easily available to you.

You can use these resources and tools for not only improving your website or pages so they come up better in the searches, but also for coming up with the most searched for topics, thus leading to potentially more traffic.

Using Google Trends 

You can use Google Trends to find the latest searches for each day.

Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. We then show you a graph with the results -- our search-volume graph -- plotted on a linear scale.

Below the search and news volume graphs, Google Trends displays the top cities, regions, and languages in which people searched for the first term you entered.

Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for on Google today. Rather than showing the most popular searches overall, which would always be generic terms like "weather," Hot Trends highlights searches that have sudden surges in popularity. Our algorithm analyzes millions of web searches performed on Google and displays those searches that deviate the most from their historic traffic pattern. The algorithm also filters out spam and removes inappropriate material.

For each search, Hot Trends shows related searches, a search-volume graph, and the top cities. We also display news, blog, and web results to help give context about why a search may be appearing on the Hot Trends list today. Hot Trends is updated hourly. You can also choose a date in the past to see what the top Hot Trends for that date were.

Using Google Search to Find the Best Keywords 

One thing you will find is that the best tool to use is the google search box. Not on googles home page but in your browser.

Use Firefox browser and use the google search box (located in the upper right corner of the Firefox browser).


Begin typing any one letter like "f". It will automatically fill the search box with first, all the searches you've made starting with that letter but under that will be "suggestions", that's what you want.

With "f" you'll find "facebook, firefox, friendster" etc. These are the top searched for sites.

Next type in a second letter, like "a". Now you see the most popular search terms that start with "fa", like "family guy, fandango", etc.

You continue on using this method to determine the best keywords.

Google Insights for Search 

Google Insights for SearchWith Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Google Keyword Suggestions 

Google's New Experiment

As you type your search, Google's technology provides alternative suggestions to your queries in real time.

The keyword search suggestions will display beneath your current search.

Found here for the Google Labs site.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool 

We can't forget the always reliable Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is tied to data from Google searches, Google Adsense, and Google Adwords.

Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool 

There is an excellent keyword tool that is freely available from Wordtracker.

You can enter a starting keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.

Also, if you use Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 you can add the Wordtracker Keywords search to your browser. If you don't have Firefox, please click here to download.

Microsoft's Keyword Forecast Tool 

This tool forecasts the impression count and predicts demographic distributions of keywords.

Forecast for the term 'squidoo'

Trellian's Keyword Discovery 

Another tool to learn about keyword usage on the search engines.

Trends Buzz 

A Compilation of Trends

Trends Buzz provides up to the minute information about top search and topic trends across multiple platforms.

These include Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter, The New York Times, and

Amazon Movers and Shakers 

You can see the top sales on Amazon for a variety of categories. These are the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. This provides you with great information as to what is selling and what is not. Not only that, but as you type in a search Amazon's A9-powered search engine will give you top search suggestions.

Ebay Hot Trends 

The eBay merchandising team combs trade magazines, gathers predictions from respected industry experts, and looks at eBay sales data to determine what's in demand.

Here's the scoop on which hot products will be promoted on the home page, emails, and buyer catalog this season.

Trend Hunter is the world's largest community dedicated to trend spotting & cool hunting. The community was launched in 2005 by Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation expert who wanted to build a community for new business ideas and creativity.

Routinely sourced by the media, Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious.

Breakthrough ideas and strategic advantage hinge on the ability to anticipate trends and identify the next big thing. By tracking the evolution of cool, Trend Hunters generate ideas, stimulate creativity, and ultimately unlock cool.

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